Congratulations to Villiers Della-Rosa

Made up to champion

1st and Best of Breed at Exotic cat show January 2020

1st and Best of Breed at North of Britain  January 2020



Villiers Shine Like a Diamond Chinchilla Kitten

1st and Best of breed

Exotic Cat Show January 2020


1st and Best of breed

North of Britain show Febuary 2020



Kittylicious Millie-Mae

1st and Best of breed Golden kitten, best kitten in show and Best in show

January 2020 Exotic Cat Show


1st and Best of breed Golden Kitten

North of Britain show Febuary 2020









Exotic cat show January 2017

Int ch and Grand Champion Stardrops Yacinta. (10 yrs) gained a Gold Imperial certificate,
(4 exhibits in class) and Best Of Breed.

Villiers Perle de Lai (adult) gained her 2nd gold certificate ,daughter of Yacinta.

Villiers Della Rosa awarded 4x1st (shaded silver)

Villiers Mowena gained 1st in her kitten class and 3x1st inside classes  (chinchilla female kitten)
Villiers Halleys Comet gained 3x1st

Villiers Kuching gained 1st in open class and 3x1st in side classes, and then awarded Best in Show Kitten

Congratulations to Natalie for showing Kutching and Morwena so well


Supreme car show. NEC October 2016

1st and Best of Breed  Villiers Touch of Magic (chinchilla kitten now living with Phillip and Shauna in Nrothern Ireland)

1st and Best of Breed Villiers Perrywinkle.  (Blue Golden Persian kitten)



Grand Champion  Brettachtals  Just a Dream (Beba)




United Chinchilla Show 21/02/2015 Awarded 1st Imperial, three1st and Best of Breed Judge Julie Wilkinson wrote.
An exquisite Chinchilla of four years old, lovely smooth and well rounded skull, with very good width between small well furnished ears, set low and wide, bold round expressive eyes of the deepest of green emerald, I have not seen eye colour like this in a chinny for a long time, short snub nose with a nice depth of break with brick colour nose leather, with black outline, standing low on short legs, she is dripping in a wealth of a very long and flowing soft and silky textured coat, that had been expertly prepared and presented, with every last hair separated, a delightful lady, whom I understand made grand today and was awarded Best Adult Longhair in show. Congratulations to her owner.

Congratulations to Paul and Mary Gibson on there wins making both there lovely Babies up to champion, namely. Champion Villiers Silver Sky, Champion Villiers Silver Prince and not forgetting Villiers Golden Naranja on her Best of Breed wins and Best in Show (kitten) well done for showing them so well.

Congratulations to Donna Robinson at her 1st show, the Supreme cat show at the NEC, when Villiers Silver Rapunzel won 1st and Best of Breed,1st and £50 in the judges choice kitten class (28 in class), well done for preparing her so well for your 1st show The biggest of the year.

Grand Champion Brettachtals Just a Dream.
Supreme Show 2013. Awarded Grand Ch Cert. United Chinchilla show 9/02/2013 Awarded
Grand Champion Cert, three 1st, Best Adult Longhair in Show and Best of Breed

United Chinchilla Show 15/02/2014 Awarded Grand Champion Cert, three 1st and  Best opposite sex in Show
Exotic cat Show 10/01/2015 Awarded a Grand a Champion Cert, three 1st, Best Adult Longhair in Show and Best of Breed

From judge Mrs I Bangs 1st imp
Beautiful chinchilla lady with the sweetest of expressions, excellent width to her small rounded skull, small well set ears, large alert eyes of deep green colour, out lined in black, a short snub nose with a well formed brick leather pad, apple cheeks very well balanced muzzle and chin, cobby body covered by a quality cost, soft in texture and very lightly ticked, short well furnished tail, a lovely girl, groomed to perfection and a joy to handle.



Ch  Brettachtals  Just a Dream (Beba)

United chinchilla Breed show February 2013 awarded 1 x grand  gold   certificate, 3x 1st in side classes, and Overall
Best of Breed (10 exhibits entered) Mrs L Dutton wrote, Best of Breed Champion Brettatchals Just a Dream,
Chinchilla female of  Fantastic type, with a heavy cobby shape to her body, nice bone, short fat legs and short
tail, Round head with lovely width between neat ears, round expressive green eyes, short broad nose with a
good break, level bite, fat cheeks and strong chin, with a really deep red nose leather with clear well
defined black lining to her lips eyes and nose,  full white coat good and even.

Mrs Carol Gainsbury awarded her Grand and wrote Sweet natured pretty girl easy to handle, Good top of head,
with neat well placed and nicely furnished ears, smooth scull round expressive aquamarine eyes, snub nose
level bite and strong muzzle, medium size body with sturdy legs rounded paws covered by an extremely
well prepared fine soft in texture silvery white coat with light even tipping, down to her full tail.

Supreme Cat Show NEC Nov 2012  1 STCC.

Yorkshire  Cat Club  Oct 2012 gold certificate and Best of Breed, 3 x 1st side classes
United Chinchilla Breed show  1st gold  certificate February 2012 3 x 1st side classes.

Thank you Karin for this stunning girl


Champion Poshfelines Clementine

Thank you lynn for this stunning little girl,beautiful temperament and stunning colour and thank
you also for her brother Remus beautiful colour and temperament  our future stud boy
  United chinchilla cat show February 2013  1x gold card Best of Breed and 3 x First
in side classes making her champion  Supreme cat show Nec November 2012
First gold card and Best of Breed, Yorkshire cat club
October 2012  1X  Gold card 3 x Firsts side classes


Villiers Masonic

Congratulations  little baby at United Chinchilla cat show February 2013  1st Adult show,
  your 1st gold card and 3 x 1st in side classes, at 9 months and a few days,
Supreme cat Show kitten class  1st and Best of Breed,
Yorkshire cat Club Oct 2012 1st
and 3 x 1st in side classes


Congratulations to Villiers Madison

On her show wins and a special thank you to lynn for giving her such a loving home
Yorkshire Cat Club October 2012  1st and Best of Breed at her 1st kitten
show and 3 x 1firsts in her side classes, and a first at
The  Supreme Cat Show NEC nov 2012


Congratulations to Int ch and Grand champion Stardrops Yacinta

On gaining, 1 x Imp  Best Adult and Best of Breed and awarded overall
Best in Show for the second year running
at the UCA in February 2012



Congratulations to Villiers Perle De Lait

Who was awarded 1st and Best of Breed at her first show, the Supreme cat show
at the NEC on sat 19 November 2011,  nominated for Best of Variety,
12 exhibits in the final, Perle was one of the last 5 exhibits



Congratulations to Villiers Lady Marmalade

Who gained her 2nd and 3rd gold cards and Best of Breed on 23 April 2011 at the Cambridge
cat show and Bedford cat show (combined) making her champion.

ChampionVilliers Lady Marmalade


Congratulations to Int Ch and Grand Champion Stardrops Yacinta

On her awards as follows Supreme cat show November 20th 2010 awarded UK certificate
and Best of Breed, January 12th 2011 The Cameo Pewter and Smoke show Awarded
Best Adult longhair in show, February 12th 2011 The United Chinchilla Breed show
Awarded an Imperial Gold card, Grand Gold card, Best Adult
(out of 12 exhibits) and overall Best in Show. 

Stardrops Yacinta


The United Chinchilla show Feb 12th 2011
Congratulations to Villiers Cleopatra, and  Villiers Lady Marmalade
on gaining there 1 st gold cards.

Also congratulations to Villiers Artic Prince and Villiers silver Porscha
on becoming champion and congratulations to Villiers Fleur Delys on gaining her
Grand gold card all  at the Supreme Cat show. Congratulations to now
Champion Stardrops Fire Cracker Golden male, who gained his 3rd
gold card at the Cameo Pewter and Smoke cat show.

Villiers Cleopatra
Villiers Lady Marmalade


Congratulations to  Villiers Fleur De Leyes
Chinchilla female
On becoming Champion and a special thank you to Nigel and Skye for
presenting her so beautifully at the shows


United Chinchilla Breed  Show Sat 13 Feb 2010

Congratulations to    Imp Gr ch Villiers Anna Marie who   was awarded her 8th imp cert,

Villiers Cleopatra award 1st in her kitten class,

Congratulations to Ch and Int ch Stardrops Yacinta who was awarded her
3rd Grand gold cert making her Grand Champion,

Congratulations to Stardrops Fire Cracker [Golden male] who was
awarded his 2 nd gold certificate,

Congratulations to Villiers Orange Blossom [golden female ] who was awarded her 3rd gold
certificate making her now Champion Villiers Orange Blossom proudly owned
and beautifully presented by Susan Cohern Randal


Cameo Pewter and Smoke Society cat show 10th Jannery 2010

Congratulations to Imp Gr Ch Villiers Anna Marie  who was awarded an Imp  certificate,
Best Of Breed and overall Best Longhair Adult.

Congratulations to Villiers Mamma Mia awarded her Gold Card Certificate.

Congratulations to Stardrops Fire Cracker awarded his Gold Card Certificate.

They were all awarded red cards in their side classes.

United Chinchillas show on Feb 14 2009
Congratulates Ch and Int Ch Stardrops Yacinta ( Dutch imp)
1st open, 1st grand, best adult and overall best in show.


United Chinchillas show on Feb 14 2009
Congratulations to our Villiers Silver Snowman (Snowie)
3 x 1st and best in show kitten





The Supreme Cat Show November 2005 awarded

Champion Villiers Anna-Marie BOB and Best Adult Chinchilla

then awarded Best of Variety (out of 26 exhibits)